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Lookin’ good

A professional photographer will take GOOD LIGHT over a good background any day.

Professionals know that the images we love are the ones that make us look good. Good light is either flattering or interesting and, if you're lucky, sometimes both. The harsh light of a flash is neither. The size and position of the built-in flash make it more akin to a search light than a beauty light!

Then why is it on your camera in the first place? Well, an on-camera flash is convenient. And now, by adding a Lightscoop®, you can have convenient, flattering, AND interesting light. The Lightscoop redirects the light from your built-in flash to a ceiling or wall, which creates a broader light source and causes the light to come from a more natural direction. Voilà—a professional's solution in an inexpensive gadget any scrapbooker can use.

Will your pictures look as good as this? Why not? It and the rest of the images on our site were taken by real people using their Lightscoops in real situations.


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