The Lightscoop Product Line

Lightscoop Deluxe
Lightscoop Deluxe for most dSLR cameras with a built-in flash. Tilts for ceiling and wall bounce. Folds and fits in your pocket for easy packing. $29.95

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Original Lightscoop for most dSLR cameras with a built-in flash. Bounces off ceiling for horizontal shots. Shoot vertically to bounce off wall. $19.95

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Lightscoop Jr.
Lightscoop Jr. for advanced compact cameras with a built-in flash powerful enough to bounce. The only diffuser designed for compacts. $9.95

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For Best Results

You’ll love your Lightscoop even more if you use it in:

  • Typical home and office situations
  • Rooms with light-colored ceilings no higher than 8-14 feet tall ceilings in gyms and churches (especially cathedral ceilings) may be too high
  • Rooms with walls no farther than 3-4 feet from the camera.

Hint: When using a zoom lens with a variable aperture, leave the lens at its widest focal length. For example, if you have an 18-55mm zoom lens, stay at 18mm. If you zoom in, your aperture may change and no longer be at f2.8, f3.5 or f4. Smaller apertures (f-numbers) reduce the amount of light reaching the