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Fur Fixer!

Photographing four-legged friends with dark fur can produce disappointing results. Here's why. Camera exposure meters often overexpose dark scenes and turn black into grey. Or they may do the opposite, underexposing the scene and leaving nothing but a black blob with no eyes. OR, even worse, your camera's direct built-in flash may wash out the whole picture and even leave your pup looking more like a red-eyed demon than a precious pet.

Quick! Add a Lightscoop® to your dSLR or advanced compact camera to redirect the built-in flash when shooting indoors. The redirected light from the flash will evenly cover the entire scene, leaving only your pet's personality shining. PLUS, redirected flash will exorcise those spooky red eyes every time.

Will your pictures look as good as this? Why not? It and the rest of the images on our site were taken by real people using their Lightscoops in real situations.


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