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Great Groups

Most family gatherings call for a group shot to remember the day. And most families gather around food. Is your family so focused on the food that you forget to even suggest a group photo until everyone's mouths are full? These are traditionally (ahem) crummy shots—but there a few tricks that can actually make the "family table shot" scrapbook-worthy.

If the table and the group are large, bring everyone together instead of leaving them seated around the table. (You can do this at family events other than meals, too, of course. Just bring everyone together, tight.)

Avoid blasting out those in front with the built-in flash by adding your Lightscoop® to redirect the light to the ceiling. The light will bounce back down and spread evenly over the whole group rather than nuking those in front and leaving the rest in shadows.

Pro's Secret Tip! Try standing on a chair and shooting from above to get the whole crew in the picture. This will change the view point, make it possible to see all the faces, and simultaneously eliminate any double chins. They can thank you later.

Will your pictures look as good as this? Why not? It and the rest of the images on our site were taken by real people using theirLightscoops in real situations.


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