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Baby Face

Using your camera's built-in flash is like shining a flashlight directly into your baby's sweet eyes: Yuck!

Imagine, instead, bathing your baby in a beautiful halo of soft, gentle light. The Lightscoop® redirects the harsh light AWAY from those baby blues and transforms your hard, cold built-in flash into light that will truly baby that face.

When shooting with the Original or Junior Lightscoop, create lovely "window light" by turning your camera vertically to bounce the flash off a wall. When using the Deluxe, swivel the mirror toward a wall when shooting either verticals OR horizontals. No worries about blinding the baby (and your friends will think you hired a professional photographer).

With your Lightscoop and built-in flash, your baby will always ready for her close-up!

Will your pictures look as good as this? Why not? It and the rest of the images on our site were taken by real people using their Lightscoops in real situations.


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