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People are talking about Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop!®

That's IT Mommy

“After shooting with it all weekend I am totally impressed with the results! ...This is a great accessory at a reasonable cost.... Parents, this is a wonderful solution to your flash nightmares and you will definitely see a difference!”

Digital Photography School, Elizabeth Hartford

” amazing little invention. ... Before the Lightscoop, I would take indoor pictures by bouncing a Speedlite off nearby walls and ceilings. The downside of this is the heavy bulk, the amount of batteries needed and constantly thinking about where my flash was pointing instead of thinking about my subject. And for a mom who sometimes just wants to take pic of the kids, the Lightscoop is the perfect solution... I used to be a gal who spent all my pennies on shoes. Now I wear the same shoes everyday and obsesses over the next acquisition for my photographic collection. And the Lightscoop? Well, let’s just say it’s a Jimmy Choo!”

Digi Scrap Clubhouse

”Holy Lightscoop, Batman! In the department of incredible gizmos for little money, the Lightcoop has got to rank way up there.”

New York Times: Gadgetwise

“A Great Flash Add-On for Pets (and People)... The holidays are bearing down on us, and chances are you’ll be snapping a lot of indoor shots of your friends and family, not to mention the dogs and cats decked out in Santa hats, festive little sweaters, and reindeer antlers. The Lightscoop is a great little gadget for improving these indoor shots.”


“[THE LIGHTSCOOP®] IS a great stocking stuffer, especially for the dSLR newbie who might avoid using the flash altogether because it's ugly.”

The Lightscoop “in one neat and simple stroke turns an almost unusable, on-axis light source into a big, soft, flattering sheet of light.”


”You won’t get results anything like those you’d achieve with external flashes and some creative know-how, but the difference between using your pop-up with and without the scoop is like (forgive me) night and day. Where the bare-bulb picture ... is harsh and full of sharp-edged shadows, the ‘scooped version is soft and shadow-free.”

American Photo Editor’s Choice!
“Among the many cool lighting tools we've seen in the last 12 months, one of the most clever comes from photographer Kenneth Kobre, author of a bestselling textbook on photojournalism...!”
Peter Kolonia taps Professor Kobré's Lightscoop as one of “5 Innovative Lighting Ideas.”

Popular Photography

page 16: “Bounce pop-up flash by snapping a Lightscoop over it, a little piece of plastic genius.”

David Pogue (New York Times) “Circuits,” print & online, in “Gems in the Back of a Closet”
“ produces nuanced, natural, flattering light on your subject; the before-after difference is incredible.”

David Pogue (New York Times Video)

David Pogue (CNBC Video)
“...the pictures are nuanced, soft as a kiss...,” says Tech Claus.

Israeli PC Magazine - in Hebrew! (Pages 92 & 93)

Practical Photograpy, UK
“Professor Kobré's Lightscoop promises 'pro-like lighting with your SLR's pop-up flash.' This might seem like an outlandish boast (given the rabbit-caught-in-the-headlights look of pop-up flash pictures), but much to my surprise, it actually does work.”


SKIMBACO Holiday Gift Guide

“Lightscoop is a low-tech product any home photographer will love.”

Organized Chaos (Canadian Mom Balancing Life with Twins +1)

“It works perfectly in my home and that is where I do most of my indoor shots. No more begging and pleading the kids to stand by the windows!! After using Lightscoop® I don’t even daydream about getting the external flash anymore.”

The ND Looks: Product Review

“I am definitely making sure that I have these with me at all times.”

Wallet Pop Personal Finance Site - Father's Day Gift Guide

“These gift ideas are great for the dad who loves taking photos... Lightscoop — Possibly the coolest $30 DSLR accessory I have seen!”

Who Put Me in Charge of These People? by Texan Mama

“OMG can you tell what a difference it made?... in the interest of full disclosure, I was not paid for this. I didn't get anything for free. I am the one who found them for their product, not the other way around. I just simply found something that's great, and I want to share the good vibes with other people.”

    NOTE from Texan Mama is happy using the Lightscoop on her compact 35mm (not SLR) Canon PowerShot SX10 IS.


“... a ridiculously cheap way to vastly improve your photos...”

That’s IT Mommy

“Lightscoop® helps achieve quality and dimension. My subjects really pop! The images look professional and natural. This is a great accessory at a reasonable cost... Parents, this is a wonderful solution to your flash nightmares, and you will definitely see a difference!”

Budget Smart Girl's Guide to the Universe

(Scroll down.) The Lightscoop® is “a lightweight, convenient, inexpensive gadget that easily creates pro-quality for indoor photos…yes, no more red eyes!”

Essential Digital Camera (for beginners & others new to digital photogrphy)

“Check out the Lightscoop and see if it turns your photos of family gatherings into great shots instead of trash can fodder!”

Shutter Photo

“For many, it will be all you need to make your photos look leaps and bounds better. For many, it will help you to postpone the need to spend money on a good external flash – and $34.95* (USD, pricing as of November, 2009), it will certainly serve that purpose.  I would even hypothesize that many casual photographers will prefer the Light Scoop over a more complicated external flash system – especially consumers who primarily capture family functions, parties and so on.  For that matter, even more advanced photographers might prefer to travel with a Light Scoop instead of their more bulky and more costly external flashes.”

The Mommy Daddy Blog & Holiday Gift Guide

”I’ve always avoided taking pictures in low light situations because they’d always turn out disastrous... I found the perfect solution, the Lightscoop.”

The Gadgeteer

”The Lightscoop is a great addition to my camera equipment.  It works beautifully to redirect and soften the light from my Nikon’s pop-up flash. With the Lightscoop, my pictures look more like what my eye sees.... Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop is a wonderful tool for taking beautifully lighted, intimate pictures.”

Terry White’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for the Digital Photographer

Terry White's Tech Blog
“Your pop-up flash doesn’t have to suck! ...When it arrived, I was thinking ‘this is never going to work.’ So of course I fired off a couple test shots (before and after) and I was stunned by the difference. Yes, it does work!”


“Does it work? For all intents and purposes, the answer is an impressed and resounding “Yes!” ... An A+ in my book.”

Mr. Gadget

“A little bit like no flash really. It won't replace my external Speedlight but I still have some use for it definitely. I like the weight or lack thereof from a big bulky external flash.’

PlunderGuide: The Buyer's Guide for Men

“So you’ve finally graduated from point-and-shoots and bought yourself a nice DSLR camera. You take thousands of photos but you become disappointed since most of your shots still suck. ...[With Lightscoop] ... and proper technique and practice, you can improve your shots and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the process.”

Lifetime Moms
“I have been avoiding taking indoor pictures at night because I just hated how the pictures would come out with the camera flash on... Luckily I stumbled upon the Lightscoop...”
“Lightscoop: My new favorite photo accessory. I was actually on the verge of buying an external flash before I discovered the Lightscoop while flipping through a photography magazine.”

A Cowboy's Wife
“I attached the Lightscoop to my camera and voila!  Now THAT is a HUGE difference!  I’m already sold and that was just the first comparison I did.”

Prop Insanity
“We have got your little secret, your ace in the whole, the BIG fix! ”...flip on the flash…your built in camera flash that is. Clip on your Lightscoop. Problem solved!”

The Gadgeteer
“Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop is a clever and inexpensive ($35) device that clips on to the hot shoe of your DSLR or SLR camera.”
Gear Diary
“Tired of flash photography that makes your victims look like a deer in the headlights? Here’s a cool photography tool designed for the everday picture taker.”

Red Ferret Journal
“Slot one of these gidgets over the top of your DSLR pop up flash and you’ll gain a bounced flash look for your photos without breaking the bank.”
WOW (the Lightscoop is amazing)!!

“The Lightscoop is a perfect stocking stuffer. Get it. Use it. Keep it. Thank Ken Kobre for this amazing invention.”

“Other modifiers I have seen or used simply tried to diffuse the flash but this one re-directs it up and forward for a soft, even look that only bounce lighting can give you. You can even use it as a wall bounce when you shoot vertically. ...Such a simple idea, so beautifully executed. It has definitely earned a PhotoWalkPro “Gotta Have It!” Award.”

Digital Camera Review compared Lightscoop results to EXTERNAL flash modifiers
“The biggest surprise of the group, in our minds, is just how much this unit did to provide a natural, uniform exposure when compared to direct pop-up flash. Though it requires (per manufacturer's instructions) a flash power boost to light things up sufficiently, results are really quite good when price is factored in, as there's no need to buy an external flash unit.”

Camera Hobby, by Edwin Leong
...I found the Lightscoop to be a dandy little accessory to mitigate the generally appalling look of direct, flash-lit photographs... the Lightscoop is recommended for consumer D-SLR users without an external flash unit...

Strange Bird

“If you have a digital SLR with one of those little pop-up flashes which gives your subject that washed-out look, creates hot spots, or harsh shadows, then I cannot recommend enough that you purchase Professor Kobré's Lightscoop.”

Keith Philpott
...My favorite application for the scoop is side-lit, vertical portraits. You can get a nice, soft-box effect by using a wall to reflect the strobe light. Or, combine it with the photographer’s best lighting friend…the white plastic shower curtain...

“...It bounces the light and does a great job of diffusing and softening the light, and it's small and easy to use, so when I don't feel like sticking my big ol' flash on the hot shoe, this will be very handy.”

Lightscoop Users
• The difference was astounding... For the photographer on the budget, this is a must have.
• I can't believe the pictures I got. Simply amazing!
• Our lightscoop is here and it's amazing!
• This thing is SO user friendly!! All you have to do is get the hang of which walls/ceilings you get a good bounce from and you're golden! (Read the full exchange.)
• This is an amazing little invention... read more

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For dSLR cameras

with pop-up flashes



The dSLR cameras BELOW work with both dSLR Lightscoop models. We have found new models of these brands to fit as we have tested them. We do have a 2-week return policy if you'd like to try the Lightscoop with your camera and return it if it doesn't work out.

Canon 35mm dSLR cameras that have a pop-up flash. On some Canon models, it's necessary to slightly back the Lightscoop out of the hot shoe in order for the flash to fire.
Fuji FinePix Pro Series
Nikon 35mm dSLR cameras that have a pop-up flash.
Olympus E420, E520, E3, E620
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2K, DMC-G3K, DMC-G5 (Lightscoop shoe fit is tight and does not slide completely into the hot shoe.)
Pentax K-7, KX, K10D, K100D, K20D, K30, K5II, K-5II-S, K200D
Sigma SD14 Series


Sony cameras REQUIRE a Sony Lightscoop Original, NOT a Universal.
Sony a100, a200, a250, a300, a350, a330, a380, a500, a550, a700

LIGHTSCOOP® DELUXE does NOT support Sony cameras

Don't see your camera here? We have not assured its compatibility. However, we have found the Lightscoop to fit new models of these brands' SLR line when we've tested them as they've appeared. We do have a 2-week return policy if you'd like to try the Lightscoop with your camera and return it if it doesn't work out.

For ADVANCED compact cameras

For advanced compact cameras that have a built-in flash powerful enough to bounce: like the Canon G12, G15, G1X, Powershot S100, S110; Fujifilm X series (including X10, X20, XF1); Lumix DMC-LX7; Nikon P310, Coolpix 7100; Pentax Q; Olympus XZ1, TG-1x, Panasonic CMV-zs30, DMC-zs25

NOTE: Less advanced compact cameras do not have built-in flashes powerful enough to bounce... it's physics. Sorry!


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