Lightscoop Deluxe Unboxing and Review

Wow! What a great video review by Phil Ebiner of Video School Online. We shared some of his images the other week, but this video, which documents the Lightscoop from the moment he opens the box until he gets these great comparison photos, it’s off the charts!

“As a huge fan of natural light photography, I rarely use my camera’s pop-up flash,” Phil says. “Only in emergency situations with low light will I pop that thing open. The results are always the same – super harsh, red eyes, lens shadows, bad colors. That’s why I don’t like flash photography. But after using this little gadget, I quickly saw how by bouncing the flash to the ceiling or wall behind me created a much more natural photo. Not only that, but the photos looked better than if I didn’t use the flash at all.”

Fantastic, Phil! Thank you so much for such a great review!




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