Last-Minute Gifts? Social Media Profile Pictures!


Ah, the holidays. Friends and family gatherings, festive decorations, amazing food and great gifts!

Oh, wait! Gifts. You forgot GIFTS!

No worries! You’ve got your camera. You’ve got your Lightscoop camera accessory. We all need attractive portraits for our social media profile pictures – Facebook! Twitter! OK Cupid! BOOM! You’re the best gift-giver ever!

Taking nice profile pics is easy when you use your Lightscoop. The main thing to remember is to come in tight. Close-ups exclude life’s clutter and add so much more depth to your subject.

And you know that by using your Lightscoop to redirect the light from your built-in flash to a ceiling or wall, you’ll eliminate those shiny foreheads and demon red eyes so common with indoor pictures.  The Lightscoop’s even, indirect light will capture natural skin tones, rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes, just like you see in our examples, above.

So give it a try. You’ll love seeing your friends and family members switching their profile pictures to the ones you gave them this holiday season. And they’ll remember your gift for a long time to come.

The Lightscoop “produces nuanced, natural, flattering light on your subject; the before-after difference is incredible. …just as if you had used one of those reflector umbrellas that the pros use.” David Pogue, formerly of The New York Times, now with Yahoo Tech

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