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Give Your Buyers Confidence

A picture is worth 1000 bids.

Welllllll, that may be an exaggeration, but there's no better way to inspire bidder confidence than photos—lots of them. Take lots of pictures from lots of angles. The more photos, the more bids you'll receive.

If your item has cosmetic flaws, be upfront about them in your item description AND in your pictures. It's important to capture these so the buyer will know exactly what she is getting.

Your camera's macro mode, along with its built-in flash (ONLY when used with your Lightscoop®!) are perfect for this. Redirecting the light from the built-in flash with a Lightscoop will create a wide, soft light source. Details and textures will receive even light rather than being obscured by hot spots or dark shadows. Your honesty about your product will be reflected in your sales and feedback.

Will your pictures look as good as this? Why not? It and the rest of the images on our site were taken by real people using their Lightscoops in real situations.

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