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Digital Photography School, Elizabeth Halford

“…an amazing little invention. … Before the Lightscoop, I would take indoor pictures by bouncing a Speedlite off nearby walls and ceilings. The downside of this is the heavy bulk, the amount of batteries needed and constantly thinking about where my flash was pointing instead of thinking about my subject. And for a mom who sometimes just wants to take pic of the kids, the Lightscoop camera accessory is the perfect solution… I used to be a gal who spent all my pennies on shoes. Now I wear the same shoes everyday and obsesses over the next acquisition for my photographic collection. And the Lightscoop? Well, let’s just say it’s a Jimmy Choo!”

Digital Photography School

New York Times: Gadgetwise

“A Great Flash Add-On for Pets (and People)… The holidays are bearing down on us, and chances are you’ll be snapping a lot of indoor shots of your friends and family, not to mention the dogs and cats decked out in Santa hats, festive little sweaters, and reindeer antlers. The Lightscoop camera accessory is a great little gadget for improving these indoor shots.”

Cult of Mac, Charlie Sorrel

“…if you are determined to use your camera’s built-in flash for anything other than remote triggering of another off-camera flash, then you should be using something like the Lightscoop to modify the harsh, on-axis light that it throws out.”

Digital Camera Review

“The biggest surprise of the group, in our minds, is just how much this unit did to provide a natural, uniform exposure when compared to direct pop-up flash. Though it requires (per manufacturer’s instructions) a flash power boost to light things up sufficiently, results are really quite good when price is factored in, as there’s no need to buy an external flash unit.”

Dude Mom

Dude Mom“My all time favorite photography accessory is the Lightscoop. Every amateur photographer and mom with a DSLR and a cute kid to point it at should have one.  It does magical things to your lighting possibilities by allowing you to NOT spend a grip on a Speedlight you probably won’t know how to truly use while also giving you the ability to soften your on camera flash so your family and friends don’t look like they’re in a police lineup.”

Full Time Mama

“Once I started doing reviews on my blog I began taking even more pictures, but this time I was far more concerned about the quality of my photos. Could something this small and this simple really make that big of a difference? YES!”

Tech4Moms, Cecilia Harvey

“Lightscoop camera accessory works like a super compact fill flash, keeping your subject free of glares, minimizing shadows and lighting up the background. It’s kind of miraculous.”

Tech 4 Moms

Doug Bardwell

“If you’re shooting with a point and shoot camera instead, the Lightscoop Jr. is for you. Placed in front of the flash on your camera, this camera accessory bounces the light to the ceiling for that soft bounced light look.”

Eat Your Heart OutEat Your Heart Out

“The above two photos are of my sweet Alma. Both photos were taken using the same settings, and neither has been edited, but the top was taken using my pop-up flash and the bottom was taken using the Lightscoop. Can you see what a difference that one little change made? And it was so simple to use – it just snaps right on to your camera, no altering to your camera or installation needed.”

Petals to Picots

Petals to Picots“And here is my favorite photo so far with the Lightscoop. I don’t have a before picture for this one because this kids is quick as lightning and ran off after one! This photo is straight out of the camera and I think it is pretty near perfect as is! He is such a cutie, huh?”

Terry White’s Tech Blog

“Your pop-up flash doesn’t have to suck! …When it arrived, I was thinking ‘this is never going to work.’ So of course I fired off a couple test shots (before and after) and I was stunned by the difference. Yes, it does work!”

That's It MommyThat’s IT Mommy

“After shooting with it all weekend I am totally impressed with the results! …This is a great accessory at a reasonable cost…. Parents, this is a wonderful camera accessory solution to your flash nightmares and you will definitely see a difference!”

Just Another BlogDigi Scrap Clubhouse
“Holy Lightscoop, Batman! In the department of incredible gizmos for little money, the Lightscoop has got to rank way up there.”

Fan Mail

I’m very happy with my Lightscoop. You saved me the expense of buying an external, tilting flash. Please feel free to use my name. You have a great product.John McAdam
Thank you for the Lightscoop – a wonderful invention. This picture was taken with the Lightscoop using a sheet of white cotton and the breakfast bar in my kitchen as a makeshift studio. It has inspired me and I spend time every day thinking of objects to try to photograph using the Lightscoop.Brian
We got the Lightscoop and we love it! Turns out it arrived just before our baby daughter Eliza (who was born on the 18th), so we’ve been using the Lightscoop all the time – fabulous indoor pics without blinding the baby! We really are pleased with your awesome invention – and also very much like your fun, casual and thoughtful emails and website. I hope your camera accessory continues to take off.Andrew Goldstein
I love the Lightscoop! You have single-handedly saved the face of amateur photography. Looks as good as the Pros! I’m a professional videographer, and I have to spend my money on pro video gear, but I still have a heart for photography. This is a great way to get great pictures for the cost.Edward Park
I do a publication that requires me to take a lot of copy prints of magazines and books to use as examples. Until Lightscoop, getting the light right was huge pain when taking pics of glossy pages. Reflections from everywhere, not only the flash but overhead lights, windows, etc. With Lightscoop, I turn off all the lights in a room with no windows, take the shot with the Lightscoop on the camera and not a reflection in sight. I love this camera accessory.Jim Bellomo
The Lightscoop is a great product! I bought it for my son who uses a Pentax d1000 SLR and he loves it. Used it right out of the box and got great shots. Candids look like lit portrait shots. Amazing! Here’s to entreprenurial spirit and great design. I’m so glad I read The Times!Cass Collins
Based on quality of the Lightscoop, we are buying a second one as a gift for another family member. We used it immediately after delivery and could easily notice the remarkable difference in the photo quality. Only wish we would have ordered this before Christmas, as we are sure the pictures would have turned out perfectly of the tree and our family. You’ve got a great product. Good luck to you and your team.Joe Gee
It does a great job of diffusing and softening the light. And it’s small and easy to use, so when I don’t feel like sticking my big ol’ flash on the hot shoe, this will be very handyCammie
Of all the on-line sites I have dealt with, you get the prize for responsibility and for keeping the customer informed. This note is just to say Thank You.DARYL BOUDREAUX
I usually don’t take the time to write to companies I shop from, however I have never seen a quality of service that can match yours. A standing ovation for you guys. It has been a most pleasing experience to shop from you guys and your products are just great. Ten points with flying stars for your camera accessory and for you guys:)) EMRE, TURKEY
Other modifiers I have seen or used simply tried to diffuse the flash but this one re-directs it up and forward for a soft, even look that only bounce lighting can give you. You can even use it as a wall bounce when you shoot vertically. …Such a simple idea, so beautifully executed. It has definitely earned a PhotoWalkPro “Gotta Have It!” Award.PHOTO WALK PRO
Whether you’ve got an Etsy shop, a crochet patterns blog or you just want to take pretty photos of your friends and family, the Lightscoop is a perfect product!TAMARA KELLY
When you need an indoor flash and don’t want to buy or haul around a big external flash, the Lightscoop does the trick. And when I reported a strange result, I got a call from Kobré himself (he’s a journalism professor at SF State) to talk about my camera and how to fix it. Great customer service!FEHLHABER
I’ve read your fabulous reviews in Wired, CNET, Forbes, American Photo, Digital Photography School and many more. Trust me, this new camera accessory is going to be big!NATALIE WRIGHT
The Lightscoop needs to be in the toolkit for any blogger who doesn’t have a soft box or lacks a lot of natural light. CHELLE WILEY
With winter approaching we don’t often have the option to take photos with bright natural light streaming through our windows. The Lightscoop camera accessory creates that soft, flattering light I need during those dark months.DANIELLE PEARCE
One product I can’t live without is: Lightscoop. It is quite a simple device, but it does extraordinary things…and uses your flash to produce photos like a pro.KARISSA MACKIN