Our Team

Ken Kobre
Professor Ken Kobré | Inventor

Professor Ken Kobré heads the photo- and videojournalism sequence at San Francisco State University. His textbook, Photojournalism, The Professionals’ Approach (6th ed.), remains the widest-selling text on the subject and has been translated into five languages. Many of Ken’s former students are now Pulitzer Prize winners.

Ken is the inventor of Professor Kobrés Lightscoop®, the best camera accessory for instantly and dramatically improving indoor photography. The Lightscoop bounces the light from your camera’s built-in flash up to the ceiling or against a wall, resulting in a larger, more natural source of light. Bouncing the flash eliminates red eye, unflattering shadows and that deer-in-headlights look so common with indoor flash photography.

He is also the creator of the VideoPro Camera app, which allows those shooting smartphone videos to listen to the audio through headphones as they shoot. His newest textbook, Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling, is enjoying quick adoption by university video programs.

A noted documentarian, Ken’s Deadline Every Second: On Assignment with 12 Associated Press Photojournalists, has been broadcast on PBS nationwide and on five international channels.

Ken has taught a number of popular photography and video workshops in the US and abroad, and is a past winner of the respected Robin F. Garland Educator Award from the National Press Photographers Association.

Mary Thorsby
Mary Thorsby | CEO

Mary is a May 2014 graduate of the University of Louisville Entrepreneurship MBA program, and is now parlaying all that good knowledge into CEO stuff for Lightscoop. Mary is a longtime corporate communications consultant and co-creator of the popular iList Paducah community website.

Betsy Brill
Betsy Brill | CEO Emeritus

Before Mary came along, Betsy did all the CEO stuff – and continues to play a vital role in Lightscoop’s day-to-day activities. And here’s a fun fact: Betsy is married to Ken – so she’s definitely partial to our products and their inventor.

Phil Williams
Phil Williams | Ops/Fullfilment

Phil manages all Lightscoop inventory, orders and shipping – and he handles our customer service. Questions? Returns? Compliments? Direct them to Phil and he’ll take care of it!